This section will cover miscellaneous details and some of the goodies pirch has to offer a chatter: WWW(url catcher), commands, some fixes to bugs in pirch, and just your general basic knowledge type things...

~ ENJOY! ~

WWW URL catcher

another of the wonderful things available to pirch users is the WWW url catcher. This enables you to literally "catch" the typed urls in any channel you are in.
set up your the browser of your choice
click ok to save your options and now when someone types an URL, all you have to do is click on it and away you go (please note you have to have the browser running in the background for this to work)

cool /commands:

IRC has built in /commands that allow you to do certain things like change your nickname, locate someone online, clear the text from your screen and many, MANY other things. Below are some basic commands:


/nick Changes your nick (example: /nick Kipper)
please note that the /nick command isn't functionable on CanadaEH
/join Join or make a channel (example: /join #Canada)
/notice private notice (example:/notice RenoEH HI!!)
/msg private message/opens a 1-1 (example:/msg RenoEH hi!)
/whois Find out if someone is on irc (example: /whois RenoEH)
/part Leave a channel without leaving irc (example:/part)
/ignore Ignores a persons posts(example:/ignore Badnews)
|linebreak (shift key & \) starts a new line in a popup
/away {message} marks you as away /away I am away.... but donít panic... I will return shortly
used to send text or command for each channel/private msg
used to send text to each server you are on
basically the same as /awin (ex:/awin /me is AFK.../aserv /me AFK)
/cascade cascades your windows in pirch
/tile tiles your windows in pirch
/max maximizes your windows
/min minimizes your windows
/close (windowname) If the windowname is supplied then the specified window will be closed, otherwise the affected window will be the active window.
/fetch [url]
this makes a scrolling text at the top of your pirch window(right click to view options) you must type in an URL (http://) to access them unless the channel has one set up.
/invite invite someone to your room(example:/invite kipper #30+toybox)
/QUIT [message] just as it says ...Quit IRC(example: /quit I'm gone)
/whereis /WHEREIS [> windowname] [-FQS] [(drive:\path\)filemask]
explained below
This command searches a directory for a file or filemask including any subdirectories below the path specified. You may direct text to a particular window using the > windowname parameters. If a particular window with the supplied name can not be found, the text will be displayed in the server/status window.
Optional parameters
F : Stop search after first found match
Q : Quiet mode, only reports found files
S : Do not search subdirectories
Change The Color Set Up:
You can customize the colors of the joins, parts, notices, etc. on your screen.
View A Bio:
In order to view a bio must have a persons bio :-) Click on the Tools button. Choose Bio Viewer from the drop down menu. The viewer will open, use the down arrow to see the list of bio's that you have been sent. When someone sends you their bio after it is finished sending the viewer will automatically open to view the bio.
To make your own bio
First click on OPTIONS and go to PERSONAL BIO click it to open. You can now make your own bio...type in your personal info and add a picture.
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