T0 Get Pirch98










After you have downloaded the pirch program and set it up then hit the green P

and it will take you to the login page

click on the login and it will take you to the server connection. To get to the server for Nevadagold just put your informations in the server window like the window below use your own nic not mine

it will bring you to the server window where you can hit the channel button to go the channel you wish--- also in favorites you can put the channels you use the most

To load a second profile you just open the connection window and then hit load profile that will bring up a window where you type in a name and hit ok fill it out with the server and new nic that you wish to use and then hit save profile. Then when you want to use that one just hit load profile and bring it up.

You can set another profile on the different sever by opening the load profile window - it comes up when you hit login - and putting in a new profle like i have below.

Then hit the open button and it will bring up the server connect window with the new profile in it. Just hit connect and you are in different server with a new nick.

If you need more help please come to nevadagold.net and I will help you


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