Akla's North Page

Now on to the Alaska Highway and the Yukon. But before leaving make sure your fuel tank is topped off. The services are few and far between.

As we leave Dease Lake on our way North the first place we come to is the Tahltan Reserve.

The Tahltan Reserve population approx 2000

Rabid Grizzly Bear Rest area. A view of Dease Lake with parking, toilets, tables.

North end of Dease Lake, on the other side can be seen parts of Laketon, a ghost town.

A cabin in Laketon

Dease River

Pine Lake camping and fishing

A view of Pine Lake


Cottonwood River rest area

Jade City; fuel available. Named for the jade deposits from the Princess Jade Mine, 130 km/80 miles east, one of the largest jade claims in the world.

Notice the big piece of jade in front of the gift shop.

Cassiar Junction, no services, road and The town of Cassiar is closed. .

This is the Mountain of tailings left from the mine.

Centerville. Once populated by 3,000 gold miners. A 72-ounce nugget was discovered here in 1877, but by 1878 much of the gold had been removed and the fortune seekers had moved on. Centerville Placer Mines Ltd., is mining this area again.

Goodhope Lake -- A small native village with limited services

Boya Lake Provincial Park 45 camp sites, water, toilets, and boat launch. Fishing. 1.5 km hiking trail. Provincial camp ground fees apply there is also a hiking trail

Blue River
British Columbia and Yukon Border
Alaska Highway and Junction 37 Services. Gas, restaurant, motel, campground. See km 1043/mile 648 on the Alaska Highway. If you have a need for anything it is just 15km/9M to Watson Lake Yukon where all services are avaiable.

This ends our journey on Highway 37N