Akla's Stewart Page

Here at the junction you can make a left turn and go to Stewart B.C. or Hyder Alaska. Make a right turn and you are on your way to the Alaska Highway and the Yukon and other points North.

At the junction you will see a tourist booth where you can get some info on highway 37. The highway to Stewart/Hyder is perhaps one of the most scenic drives in North America. The highway follows the base of towering coastal mountains which are capped with icefields and patches of snow . Hundreds of waterfalls tumble down the beautiful mountain sides, while stately trees border the roadway.

Surprise Creek

Windy Point

Little Entrance Creek

Cornice Creek


Bear Glacier, parking. There are several parking areas to view Bear Glacier. Glacier melt from this large body of ice
forms the Bear River which empties into the ocean near Stewart.

A couple of pictures of the bear glacer. The one on left taken on a sunny day, the one on right a cloudy day

Bear River Bridge

Wards Pass Cemetery

The town of Stewart. Here you will find all kinds of facilities, to handle any problem you might have.

An arial view of the town of Stewart, with the Portland Canal in the background


Hyder, Alaska. Alaska Time Zone -- set your watches one hour earlier.

A view of the main street of Hyder

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