Here are the controls you will need to know
and to use as host-- Operator-- in the
Nevadagold channels

These are the controls to set the channel mode. +I. This means a channel can only be entered by invitation
+N. This means no outside messages to the channel 
+T. This means only an op can set the topic.   
+K. This locks the room unless the key word is used.
+L. This sets the limit of the number of people in the room.
+M. This closes the room from conversation unless the
v control is used +v gives voice -v takes the voice
+P. This makes the room private.
+S. This closes the room and removes it for the channel list.
+O. This gives a person ops. 
The - removes the controls put on by the +

To get the op menu on the bottom of the name list

just put the arrow in a blank space on the channel window

and right click up will come this menu

then click on the the channel options on the bottom

which will take you to this

/kick. This removes a person from the room,reason not needed. 
 They will still be able to come back if you 
 don't ban them. /kick someguy bye bye       
/Ban. This bans a person from a room or channel This 
 can either be done with ip# or nick, ip# bans are
        however stronger. To remove the ban simply replace the +    
 with a -.
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