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One of the greatest features of PIRCH is the built in Media Player.

With your media player you can play: wavs, midis, avis, and more. You can also send these files to other people using your media player.(please note that mirc users cannot view avis) On this page you will learn how to use your media player for these things.
Note: For others to hear the sounds that you play, they must have those same sound files in
their chat program folder. For you to hear the sounds that others play, you must have those
same sound files in your Pirch folder. If you have no common sound files, ask others in the chat room to please send you some. Please be aware that there are people who automatically ignore such messages(not on purpose) not everyone uses or has automatic sending.
Opening The Media Player
Clicking on the Media button on the toolbar opens the Media Player.
Click on the down arrow to the far right of the Media Player screen.
Clicking on the down arrow opens the Media Player screen that is used to play sounds in chat. At the top of the screen is a drop-down window showing the path of your Pirch folder (c:\pirch32 or c:\pirch98\sounds)
Underneath is another drop-down window that says "uninitialized". Click on the down arrow. If you click on "All Sounds" All of the sound files in your Pirch folder will pop into the file window to the far right of the Media Player screen.
It is recommended after adding anything to your sounds folder you hit the refresh button to get your current listing.
Sometimes you will see the media open like above when that happens it is usually because you have changed the size of the font in your computer - to correct this problem open the display and in settings change the font from large to small then restart the computer and your media player will be normal.

Sending Files with your Media Player

It is easy to send files with your media player.
Just click on the file you want to send with the left mouse button and hold down,
then drag the file to the name of the person you want to send it to.
Release the mouse button. Simple eh? You can send most files using the media and drag and drop method. You can also use the DDC send function to send files.(please remember there are people who cannot receive files this way.My suggestion is to ask first before sending)

Media Player Fix

A common question we get in #Pirch-toybox is
"My media player is stuck in the rolled up position, how do I fix it?"

The media player is a great chat tool. You have the option of "rolling" it up in order to see the whole chat window. Sometimes the player is closed while it is rolled up and will not open again without a little help. There are a few ways to handle this:

close the media player and exit pirch then restart the program.

If that doesn't help try the next solution:

Type this command and this should fix it

/remini c:\windows\pirchutl.ini IrcMediaPlayer

After entering the /remini command you need to close out PIRCH and log back on. This should fix the window. If it doesn't there is another way to handle this:

locate the pirchutl.ini (c:\windows\pirchutl.ini) and delete the media player section. Make sure you are not in the PIRCH program while doing this or it will be a waste of your time. When you restart pirch the media player should be fixed.

This is caused when a person is changing there moniter and use the 125% in the initial setup. To correct it just open the moniter prefs and in advance change the size to normal or 95%
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