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This is the road Reno and His good friend Glenn Nielson worked on for over 5 years

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Below is a map of highway 37 N
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We will start our trip to the North at Kitwanga the junction of Highways 37N and 16W.

You had best check your fuel it will be a 160 Km (100m) until the next fuel.

2 km/1 mile
As you cross the Skenna river bridge you will see a cross road, on the right takes you to the town of KITWANGA ,
where you will see a large collection of totem poles. Take the left road and it will take you to the Mountain National
Park. From there you will see the 7 Sisters mountain range.

Now we leave Kitwanga and head North for 21Km (13m)where we turn off to the little village of KITWANCOOL

Now we will head north for Moonlite Creek at 31Km (19m) There you will find a Rest area with tables and toilets.
Also there is a Visitor info sign.

On north at 40Km (27m) is the turn off to the Kitwanga Lake.

If you are travling in the summer at about 57km (34m) you will see a tent city(tents and campers)where the
mushroom pickers set up and pick the pine mushrooms. In an emergency you can get fuel and food from temporary

At 66Km (40m) is the Nass Forest Service Road. A narrow, winding gravel road that leads to New Aiyansh and the
Nisga'a Memorial Lava Bed Park. The road is an active logging road so please be cautious. It is approximately 61 km/38
miles to New Aiyansh and 96 km/60 miles to pavement at Lava Lake. Stay with the road and it continues on into

Another kilometer (1/2m) and you are at the Cranberry River where there is a rest stop with picnic tables and toliets.

Here is a small logging camp but there is no services of any kind.
Now lets head on up north. Our next stop is at 138km or 83mile which brings us to the
VanDyke camp. There is fuel and food here and some emergency repairs.

At 143km or 86mile you will come to the Nass river bridge, here is tables -- parking and toilets. The bridge is
400 feet long. Please be careful as it is a one lane bridge.

As you cross the bridge on the north side there is a dirt road on you left that will take you to the Mezidian fish ladder
where there is a sign that will give you information on the salmon migration, the best time is late July or Aug.

Meziadin Lake Provincial Park. A beautiful campground with 62 sites on the shores of Meziadin Lake. Fish for
Rainbow trout and Dolly Varden. Water, toilets, picnic tables. There is a boat launch there also.

We are now at the mezidin junction, here you can get food and fuel and there is a mechinic on duty.