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Before we start I want to express the importance of ALWAYS backing up your events. Make a copy and save it on a floppy or another part of your hard drive.
This page will go over some of the most asked about event lines in #Pirch-toybox
All of these events will be put into the 000-Unknowns level

Make sure the level ooo-Unknowns is Marked with an X and that *!*@* is in the User(mask) List(this MUST be in every user list or your events will not function)

There is also a box in the lower right hand side(upper right hand corner in PIRCH98) that needs to have a check to enable the events or they won't work

Sound Events

Getting and receiving sounds is probably the #1 question we see in #Pirchelp about events. This section will help you set up your sound lines

this is a screenshot of events and I have pasted mine below.
please note you CANNOT have more than one ON NOSOUND event line or they will be in conflict with each other. This also pertains to a sound grabber pil like ONNOSOUND.pil(it comes with the pirch98 download) in addition to enabling your event levels, you can enable/disable single lines in certain levels by using a semi-colon( ; )

ON NOSOUND:*.*:#:/notice $nick !dccsend $filename !tsend
ON NOTICE:!DCCSEND*:*:/dcc send $nick $soundpath $+ $2
ON TEXT:!reno*:*:/dcc send $nick $soundpath $+ $2
ON DCCDONE:*.*:/notice $nick thank you for $filename |/playmedia $filename $+ $2
ON SOUND:*.*:#:/display > $activewin \-11 Now Playing: \-2 \-2 $filename \-2 \-2 \-37 by \-2 \-3 7 \-2 \-3 4 $nick \-2 \-3 4
below is the alias /nosound1 I use to tell me what sound is being played when I don't have it. This is useful when you are in a room and don't have the wavs and want to ask for them. You can also use this same alias for ON SOUND, .just take off the end. your event looks like this
ON NOSOUND:*.*:#:/nosound1

/display > $activewin \-11 \-2 \-22 \-3 11 $filename \-3 8 \-3 12 was \-3 12 \-3 7
played \-3 7 \-3 by \-3 0 \-3 4 $nick . \-2 \-22 \-3 4 in # (but you dont have it)

after you add or delete anything in your events file you click the save button or everything that you worked on or added will be gone.

On Join Events

"How do I set up an autogreet for my room?" or
"How do I set up my autogreet?"
The answer:

1) ON JOIN:#roomname:/notice $nick Hi $nick !! Welcome to #
2) ON JOIN:#:/notice $nick Hi $nick !! Welcome to # !!

#1 is set up to work ONLY in the room you have named. ex: #Pirchelp
#2 is set up to greet anyone that joins ANY room you are in

ON JOIN - event command when someone joins
# - the channel you are in, represents any channels
/notice - sends a notice to the person entering room
$nick - variable that places name in line
$me - another variable which will insert your nick
please note that most rooms do not like you to run a greet in their room so you can either disable those lines with a semi-colon ( ; ) or put the @ in front of it to work when you only have ops You may also use an alias to do this. Remember to save after you add or delete items from events.

On Part Events

This event goes hand in hand with the greet if you say must say goodbye!!
#1 ON PART:#Pirchelp:/notice $nick Good-bye $nick, come back soon!
#2 ON PART:#:/notice $nick Good-bye $nick, come back soon!

#1 is set up to work ONLY in the room you have named. ex: #Pirchelp
#2 is set up to greet anyone that joins ANY room you are in

Please note this event needs to be a /notice or the person parting will not see your good-bye. And as always, don't forget to hit save when you add this event.


ON TEXT/ON ACTION events are a fun way to get involved in a room. These are triggered when someone says a particular word or phrase such as BRB
#1 ON TEXT:*brb*:#:/sound # brb.wav
#2 ON ACTION:*brb*:#:/sound # brb.wav

#1 is triggered when someone types in the word/phrase
#2 is triggered when someone does an action such as /me will BRB

You may also set up up your events to read from an alias. If you need more instruction on how to do that please feel free to email me or /join #Pirchelp and one of the ops there can help you
I once again stress how important it is to always save your work.

Text Attributes

Adding Text Attributes to an event
the first time you use an attribute it is enabled, the second time you use it it is disabled.
(example: \-22 $nick \-22) = Reno
if you are adding more after the nick and do not want it to be italisized you place the second \-22 to turn the italic feature off.

If you are using more than one attribute you must leave a space in between
them You must also have a space between any attributes and the variables (i.e. $nick, $time, $day, $date)

Special text attributes
(example: \-34 Hello)results:


Here are some events that will work. Just copy and paste them to the bottom of the events. Then to have them work just remove the ; from in front.

;ON NOSOUND:*.*:*:/notice $nick !dccsend $filename !tsend

;ON NOTICE:*!TSEND*:*:/dcc tsend $nick c:\pirch98\sounds\ $+ $2

;ON NOTICE:!DCCSEND*:*:/dcc send $nick c:\pirch98\sounds\ $+ $2

;ON DCCDONE:*.*:/notice $nick Thanks for $filename /playmedia $filename

;ON JOINED:#:/notice \-2 \-3 12 HELLO EVERYONE \-3 4* \-3 12*

;@ON JOIN:#:/msg $nick We at Thetoybox Would like to say hello

;ON SOUND:*.*:*:/display > # \-11 \-2 Now Playing: \-2 \-2 \-3 4 $filename \-2 \-3 4 \-2 \-3 7 was played by \-2 \-3 7 \-2 \-3 4 $nick \-2\-3 4

;ON PART:#:/notice $nick It's been fun....ThankYou for stopping by thetoybox

;ON JOIN:#:/playmedia doorbell.wav

;ON PART:#:/playmedia doorslam.wav

;ON QUIT:/playmedia doorslam.wav ;ON CLONES:*:#:/me says \-2 \-3 Hey.. # ...Clones detected !!!!!! \-2 \-3 $nick is a clone

;ON NOTICE:!BIOSEND:*:/bio send $nick

;ON NOTICE:!DCCTSEND*:*:/dcc tsend $nick d:\pirch98\ $+ $2

;ON NOSOUND:*.*:#:/display > # \-11 \-2 Now Playing: \-2 $filename , was played by \-2 \-31 $nick \-31 \-2 \-3 but i haven't got it /notice $nick !DCCSEND $filename

;ON DCCDONE:*.mid;*.wav;*.avi;*.rmi: /playmedia $filename

;ON TEXT#/speak*1

;ON TEXT:!rokbot*:#:/dcc send $nick d:\rokbot\ $+ $2

;ON NOTICE:!rokbot*:*:/dcc send $nick d:\rokbot\ $+ $2

;ON INCOMING:/notice $nick Sorry, at this moment, I am not accepting any private messages (I am away!) :-

;PING:/display > $activewin \-12 $nick Has Pinged You :+

;ON SOUND:*.gif:#:/run c:\pirch98\sounds\ACDSEE32.exe $filename /display > # \-11 \-2 Now Playing.. \-2 " $+ $filename $+ " was played by \-2 \-31 $nick \-2 \-31

;ON DCCDONE:*.exe: /display> # \-11 \-2 $filename was just sent by $nick

;ON SOUND:*.jpg:#:/run c:/acdsee32/acdsee32.exe $filename

;ON SOUND:*.gif:#:/run c:/acdsee32/acdsee32.exe $filename

;ON SOUND:*.wmf:#:/run c:/acdsee32/acdsee32.exe $filename

;ON SOUND:*.tif:#:/run c:/acdsee32/acdsee32.exe $filename

;ON SOUND:*.bmp:#:/run c:/acdsee32/acdsee32.exe $filename

;ON DCCDONE:*.gif;*.jpg;*.bmp: /run C:\acdsee32\acdsee32.exe $filename

;ON DCCDONE:*.mid;*.wav;*.avi;*.rmi: /playmedia $filename

Just replace the c:/acdsee32 with the viewer that you use just make sure the path is the way you have it.

I once again stress how important it is to always save your work.
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