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Before we start I want to express the importance of ALWAYS backing up your aliases. Make a copy and save it on a floppy or another part of your hard drive.
Below shows the aliases file when it is first opened
Then put the arrow in the left window and right click up will come this

click on add alias when you do this will come up

name the alias and hit ok then it will take you back to this -notice the black line in the right window

put the controls in here and then save your work.

Aliases are basically shortcuts to long typed commands. They can be used for fun/colorful multi-lined popups or useful shortcuts to save keystrokes. This page will show you how to create your own aliases and things that go with aliases! Below is an aliases showing how to use the timer control.

I pefer to make my aliases without using the timer. This can be done buy just using the limit and delay rate in the prefs. Don't forget to open the flood and hit ok each time you come on line

Stealing or "Acquiring" aliases

To steal a popup/alias off the screen place your cursor at the beginning of the popup you want to take. Hold down your left mouse button and drag it across the entire popup. Take the line below the popup to make sure you get the whole popup. This will highlight the popup. When you release the mouse button the highlight will go away--DO NOT PANIC-- It is still copied and transferred to your computer clipboard. click on aliases on your toolbar. Click Add, name your popup, and click OK. In the large window(text edit area) on the right in aliases, right click and then click paste or press CTRL+V. Now you need to make sure you edit out any unwanted names/lines and always SAVE your work

Creating An Alias

Making your own aliases is just as easy as stealing them from the screen. Just click on ADD, name the alias...now go to the large window on the right - command defination - and make your alias. Make sure you save your work(just click on the check mark top left corner)
You can see the color codes in this alias along with some common variables which are discussed further down the page [This is a private notice with color] (name:N2)
/notice $snick 4,1~~~>watch this guy<~~~
make sure you highlight a name

Colors/Variables for Aliases

Here are a few variables for aliases...the help file has a complete listing of variables

$snick to insert a "highlighted" name in an alias
/me to insert Your nickname /me Show action
$day The day $time The time $date day of month
# The channel/room you are in

these are common text manipulations

Ctrl+K and a #0-15 = Colors

Ctrl+B =Bold Ctrl+I = Italics
Ctrl+U = Underline Ctrl+S = Symbol Font(symbol font)
Ctrl+F = Fixed Font (Courier)

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To use the symbol ( ctrl s ) you use the character map. to get the character map go to start - acessories - system tools - character map pick the symbol you wish to use and then copy it. i found it was easier to copy the whole map and then pasted it in my aliases file. i made 2 copys one with out the ctrl s and one with so that i can pick the symbol i want to use and it will be in the symbol form. below is a copy of the character map without the ctrl s
now below is the same with the ctrl s
So to make a large red heart you would hit and hold ctrl key then hit the s key then the b key and then k release the ctrl key and hit the 4 key then hit and hold the alt key and hit the 0169 keys on the right key pad, that would make a large red heart like this.