Below is a map of the route we took on our 12 day trip

We left Prince Rupert British Columbia at 10:30am on Aug 14th 2002 on board the ferry TAKU. The trip on the ferry was 36 hours.

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1st & 2nd Days of the Trip

We left the TAKU in the evening of the 15th of Aug and spent the night at Haines AK

3rd Day of the Trip

So ends the third day of the trip and we camp at Burwash Campground. After a slow start we make it to Richardson where we spent the 4th night.

4th & 5th Days of the Trip

After backtracking to Delta Junction we spent the night, then the next morning we took the Richardson Highway south to Gulkana, where we turned back north to Tok then south to Tetlin Junction then north where we camped at the Moon Lake Campground. The host there was the author Don Marshall who spent the evening with us.

Now the 6th Day of the Trip
So ends another day and then tomorrow on to Dawson City Yukon